Mountain biking route information includes:

  • Ride description & estimated ride times
  • Ratings for difficulty
  • Miles, elevation graphs, and elevation details
  • Times of year when trail is typically rideable
  • Mileage logs
  • Directions to trailheads
  • Additional important information regarding new trails, user fees, livestock grazing, fences, additional miles, or shorter routes.

Map details include:

  • Topo lines and shaded relief for easy visual trail location.
  • Mountain bike routes marked with clear and visible color coded lines to indicate the recommended direction.
  • Useful paved roads, 4wd roads, and pertinent closed roads.
  • Mileage indicators on route sections which correspond with route mileage logs.

Map size and construction:

  • Full Color both sides
  • 39"x26.75" folded to jersey pocket size
  • Waterproof paper
  • Tear resistant paper

Map Trails - over 43 rides 

  • Colorado Trail CT
  • Bear Creek trail
  • Stoner Mesa trail
  • Calico trail
  • East fork trail
  • Circle trail
  • Scotch Creek
  • Ryman creek trail
  • Salt trail
  • and tons more!

Big Loop Bike Trail Maps

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