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Required ANS Boat Stamp

Motorboats and sailboats must have an ANS Stamp prior to launching in Colorado in 2019.

Boat owners are required to purchase the ANS Stamp and operators must retain proof of purchase (electronic or printed receipt) on his or her person, the motorboat or sailboat, when operating the vessel.

  • Motorboats and Sailboats from Colorado - $25.00

  • ​​Colorado residents will purchase the ANS stamp at the time of registration. ​If you register/renew your vessel online or via a registration renewal postcard, the cost of the ANS stamp appears as part of your total amount due. You do NOT need to manually add another $25 to your payment for the ANS stamp.​

  • Residents with motorboats or sailboats documented by the U.S. Coast Guard or otherwise exempt from in-state registration can purchase the ANS stamp at Dolores Outfitters​​. ​

  • ​​Motorboats and Sailboats from Another State - $50.00

  • Non-residents can purchase their ANS stamp at Dolores Outfitters​​. ​​​

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